Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Bandai 1:100 Tactical Pod Glaug, Macross Model Kit

Right, so I've been very slack as of late and haven't made a post in ages.
For shame!

I've recently overcome a bout of the dreaded hobby malaise/painting block/burnout- I'd sit down and pick up a brush but I'd hit the wall within minutes, even a humble Night Goblin seemed to be an impossible task.

Somehow this led to me digging out a model kit that I've had gathering dust for years and finishing it off in about 4 days.
It's a Glaug Tactical Pod from the anime Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, which was dubbed, edited/retarded and renamed as Robotech for those of us in the West (and wherever else)...those of you who are old school Battletech fans may know it as the Marauder.
Here's the box:
Their example, from the instructions ( I chose not to use all the transfers)
An early W.I.P.

Side view
and alongside a Toynami 1:100 Valkyrie (traditional enemy)

It's my all time favourite "Mecha", and is articulated.
I used citadel paints ( Administratum and Eshin Greys, Mechrite Red, Evil Sunz Scarlett) to paint it and is actually the first substantial model kit I've ever built.
It may not be oldhammer but the kit and anime itself are from the mid 80's.

Keeping with the Macross theme, here is a little wind up, walking Minmay doll that I built and painted a few years back
Happy new year people!