Friday, 25 July 2014

Getting on the bandwagon: my top ten miniatures

Seeing the top ten lists doing the rounds of respected blogs, I got to compiling my own list.
Since I'm in the middle of scenery and snotling bases with nought to show, here's my top ten list in no particular order, with all but one actually being in my collection.
Anton, drum roll please...

1. Leman Russ with Freki and Geri
The first proper GW miniature(s) I bought. Modern depictions of Russ annoy me greatly, this is what he looked like, and he was blonde. OK?
Legend has it he and his companions may be gracing the pages of this blog in the near future.

2. Heroquest Barbarian
There isn't all that much to him but his sheer Conan-ness and large sword, but I love him.

3. Squat Pirate
He's a dwarf in space, and he's a pirate.

4. Ork Flash Git Nob
He's an ork in space, and he's a pirate. The hair squig, chastity belt (?) and skull faced peg leg really top it off.

5. Blood Angel Captain
It's hardly the most dynamic pose but this guy has always been a favourite of mine.
I had a hard time deciding between him and the Chaplain, but "Captain Erasmus Tycho" as seen in the battle report in my first WD, #166 won out.

6. Big Momma Sky
My top ten had to have a Barbarian of each sex in it, and this is the fairer of the two.

7. Ork Bad Moon Boss
Probably my favourite Space Ork, this guy will one day lead my Bad Moon warband into err, war.

8. Snakeman S'lararet Slintered Fang
I had no idea about Citadel Snakemen until I joined the Oldhammer forum, and I think they're rather nice indeed.

9. Night Goblin Clubber
The humble Night Goblin, resplendent with maniacal grin and large spiked club.
I nearly went with one of the ball and chain fanatics with tongue sticking out but this lunatic called out to me- what a legend.

10. Champion Of Nurgle
The one mini on this list I don't have (as of yet, anyway), this guy is my favourite in a range that features some really legendary sculpts.
I didn't expect any Chaos minis in my top ten, but this guy cannot be denied.


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Deathskull Orks: Part One

I'd originally intended to just assemble a Goff Ork army, but as I mentioned things kind of snowballed and I went for all the other clans too.
Having finished painting the Goffs, I decided the Deathskulls would be next for a couple of reasons:
a) I don't have so many of them
b) they're not black ( not that there's anything wrong with black)
c) they have lots of eavy weaponry- the Goffs could use some long range firepower to back them up.

So here's what I've done so far...
 The Boss is one of many favourites...OK I love em all.
 Painboy and assistants- painted as closely as I could get to the depiction in the 2nd ed codex
 Weirdboy with Space Crusade Minders. I went crazy and did bolta swaps on them!
Another mob lead by the uncatalogued Loota Nob.
I still have to do two more mobs of four and nobs to lead them.
 Mekboy with Shokk Attack Gun- a bit of weight to this one!
Snotling bases...I have another 8 to go I think

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Space Orks: The Goffs, Part Two

The plastic Goffs from the first mob
So many mono-pose monstrosities!
Runtherd with little buddies.
He leads a mob of 40 Gretchin, but I've broken them up to photograph them.
WHFB Goblin in front masquerading as a Grot
Some metals, just to break up the monotony
And still they come...
...and come...
more metals
Mekaniak with blowtorch
 Rogue Trader era "Egg" Dreadnought
The 2nd edition version.
The Dreads provide some much needed long range firepower for the predominately close combat orientated army.
The second lot of plastic boys.
 The infamous Battlewagon
 bases stacked in there so Ghazgkhull and Makari can be seen
I'm eternally grateful to Oldhammer superstar Captain Crooks for letting me get my grubby hands on this holy grail of classic Orkdom.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Space Orks: The Goffs, Part One

As far as Warhammer 40,000 goes, the classic or "retro" Space Orks are probably my favourite range of miniatures.
It wasn't always that way, when I got into the game and miniatures as a kid in the early 90's it was Space Marines all the way, specifically the Space Wolf chapter.
But 15 years of rereading the "Fangs Of The Wolf" in the Space Wolf codex (first in WD 158) and all those plastic Goffs and Gretchin from the boxed set rattling around I decided that it might be nice for the marines to have another army to face off against.
"Hey, I had a good start with all these plastics- maybe just some characters, I'll just stick to the Goff clan" but once I started looking into the range on The Stuff Of Legends (and that notorious online auction site) I found myself basically obsessed with them, and ironically I've ended up with way more Orks than Space Wolves, who for the most part are still languishing in unpainted drawer hell.
Ghazgkhull Mag Uruk Thraka, Overboss of the Goffs and his Gretchin sidekick Makari.
These two were the first purchase, and the first to get painted, about 5 years ago now.
I hadn't really painted at all since 1997 or something like that, and getting these guys done really got me into it again- nothing like jumping in the deep end! ( there's been touch ups along the way)
Ghazgkhull's banner pole is a recent addition and was lifted off the WHFB Orc Morglum Necksnapper.
Painboy with stainless steel skull, or "Mad Doc Grotsnik" as he was depicted in Fangs Of The Wolf.
Another early paintjob, he's still a bit rough but it's fitting.
The Nobz that lead my two big mobs of Goffs.
Skarboyz from the first mob. The power swords used by the Skarboyz are cannibalised from the Space Crusade Marine Commander's weapons.
Metal boys ( used as Skarboyz) from the first mob, which is completed by 10 plastic Goffs to make it 20 strong.
The original Ghazgkhull. Note the Space Wolf MK VI helmet proudly displayed at his waist.
Another Boss, propping himself up on a vanquished Space Wolf helmet.
This Boss is really mean, despite his red painted fingernails (disclaimer:  I copied it off the depiction of him from the Dark Millennium book :) )
The Skarboyz from the second mob.
Metal boys from the second mob.
Like the first, there are 10 plastic Goffs to bolster their number to 20.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Cuirassier, The Judges and some Orks

This Cuirassier was a freebie (!) that came with an order from the Wargames Foundry.
My collection is very light on in the "Knights in armour" department actually, and this guy makes a perfect representation of "Sir Ragnar", a guy the Heroes are supposed to rescue in one of the HQ quests.

Judges Dredd and Anderson.
As much as I want to start collecting 2000AD I've limited myself to just four far.
I picked up Judges Death and Fire in one buy, I was only really after Death but now I've got half of the Dark Judges I have a nasty feeling the other two will be hunted down sometime in the future.
A Fatty and Dredd on Lawmaster are on the wish list's a slippery slope!

Goff Ork Weirdboy and Minderz.
Goff Boss and Nobz in Power Armour.
I'm in the process of redoing the bases for my Goff warband to look like these (previously straight camo green with goblin edges) and they will feature heavily in the next few posts.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Space Dwarfs Part Two

The rest of what I have painted, Squat wise.
I still have three or four more squads to do at a later date.
Three "Attack" Squads, each led by a Hearthguard Champion ( Iron Claw in front row)
Two "Warrior" Squads, also led by Iron Claws.
Squat "enthusiasts" may notice that the plasma gun armed fellow in the pic above is a weapon swap/conversion, which is about as far as I go.
Two "Thunderer" Squads, led by "Captain Kyrk" and "Sgt Bylcow" respectively.