Monday, 23 February 2015

Blood Angels recap

I recently did a refurb on an old skool Predator and have just (almost) finished a vintage Rhino, so I thought it might be time to take stock of my Blood Angels so far.

First up, the new additions:
A previously black/dark grey Predator that Captain Crooks procured for me.
I haven't had the heart to remove and replace the iconography yet.
Yeah baby! Classic Rhino APC
I must say I am pretty proud of myself for painting on the white symbols...I hate white
The Rhino before I started work.
I bought this still in the plastic wrap 5 years ago, and only recently took it out to geez inside.
Frustratingly, when I did I must have popped one of the headlights off the sprue and didn't realise this until I came to paint and assemble the kit! (missing headlight circled in red)
Thanks again to Captain Crooks I should have a replacement part soon, and I'll add the headlights and auto launchers then.
Thanks again Champion!

I have added a metal Sergeant and a few extra Marines to make a full tactical squad of Space Crusade minis.
I plan to replace the missile launcher guy with a multimelta armed one from Mission Dreadnought.
The multimelta is bad news in 2nd edition 40K!
Bad news indeed.
Some scenery my brother has painted up.
Monopose Monstrosities go now!
Brother Captain Erasmus Tycho (again)
My alternate Commander, Gabriel Valerio

A Devastator Squad and Terminators should be coming soon.


  1. Oh man, this is sooooo ubercool! I love the vibe, the lookings, the spirits of all these!

  2. That's quite an impressive force you have now ! Where's our group shot !

  3. I love seeing these guys. They were my first army back in the day, but yours are somewhat more impressive ;) keep up the great work mate!

  4. Hello mate, these are f*cking mind-blowingly awesome!! I love the red on them!! We need to get our forces together for some second edition action!!!

    1. Oh man, if I wasn't in Australia I would definitely be facing off against those Salamanders (or whatever)ASAP...I definitely share your enthusiasm for 2nd edition.
      Thanks so much, I consider that high praise coming from a guy who knows his old school marine vehicles!

      It doesn't show up so well in photos, but they look a lot more orangey in the flesh/lead/plastic.

    2. If only there wasn't an entire ocean between us!! Your stuff is top notch and it's great to see second edition models given the love they due. You are motivating me to start working on my own monopose marines!!

    3. Indeed.
      The regular Space Crusade marine looks pretty mean when painted up I've got to say.

  5. Great stuff!! Nice to see you've branched out into vehicles. Foot sloggers no more! :)

    1. It had to happen eventually, haha.
      Any progress on the Devotees of Effluence?

  6. A small part of me is sad that the flames on the end of the predator cannon are painted over... but it looks pretty smashing so i guess i'll get over it ;) great work, can't wait to blow up those tanks with some ork artillery :D

    1. I felt like a heel painting over it, honestly.
      Sounds good, a small part of me will die but I have a feeling the Heavy Industrialist Union will one day overstep the mark one day and incur the wrath of the red guys :)

  7. Great work! Loving all of this. I second the need for a group shot ;)


  8. Killin' it. 100%, no compromise, pure distilled 0.993.M02. That predator is such a sweet model!

  9. Great work! Brings a tear to my eye to see 2nd Ed getting the love it deserves =)

  10. Only just spotted these guys. Really impressed with this. Tycho looks incredible. Hope to see more on the way soon, Bruno.

    1. Thanks, I was convinced I wasn't going to be able to paint him!
      The Eavy Metal paintjob was non metallic metal which is frankly out of my league or at least not something I wanted to take on- I used the current GW balthasar gold and good old burnished gold over the top and a cassandora yellow wash.

  11. Yes! Love the combination of figures in this force, also love the vibrancy of the red on the tanks.

    Great job of the librarian too, near enough exactly the same as the McVey one!