Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Chaos, Genestealers and Space Crusade

I've been in one of those phases where my workstation is littered with nearly completed miniatures...so close yet so far.
It's been nigh on a month since my last post, much self admonishment...the productivity has come good at the end but thanks to an absolute mongrel dose of the flu I didn't even touch a brush for about 4 days (which is bad for me) and I felt like I was in that episode of The Young Ones, Sick.

On a much more positive note, I caught up with fellow Oldhammer forum members Captain Crooks and littleleadperson for a most enjoyable day of Gorkamorka, HeroQuest and a small 500pt game of 2nd edition 40K.
While hardly BOYL 2014, the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step and it appears the Sydney Oldhammer Cell has managed to put one foot in front of the other.

Right, now here's some miniatures...

These guys have been my main accomplishment this month, though unfortunately I didn't have them ready for our meet up last weekend. After reading Oldhammer forum member Psieker's recipe for old school Blood Angels ( a scheme I'd struggled with ) I was eager to test it out and I'm most pleased with how they turned out and I'm already working on more.
Not exactly my best work, but I had painted these guys about a year ago and some of them saw action on the tabletop against littleleadperson's Chaos Marines and Cultists at our meetup.
This guy is an overhaul I did of a mini my brother had done a quick and nasty paint job on.
He was originally bone coloured, and his face was rough as guts.
He still retains the extensive blacklining that is my brother's trademark.
Traitor Marines of the Black Legion.
These guys were done a fair while ago.
World Eater Chaos Space Marine- also from a while back ( note the dust and fluff)
This guy was my free mini from WD back in the 90's.
What I consider to be the classic Magus.
He had a pancake for a nose when I got him, my most humble greenstuff skills were used to fashion him a new nose.
The most excellent running Patriarch by Bob Olley.
How come this guy didn't make my top ten list? Beats me...
The start of a Purestrain brood...


  1. Great stuff, love your 90s paint style. All hail the Four-Armed Emperor!

    1. Hail!

      Thanks, my 'stealers look cheap and nasty compared to yours though, hehe.

  2. Love the vivid colours on your minis mate. All the better to see in reality! Was a joy to fight the Space Doggies :)