Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Blood Angel Progress

For the last couple of weeks I've been focusing on "the Ninth Legion", more specifically marines from the 3rd company of the Blood Angels Chapter.
I have a lot of Orks and Squats painted, so it seemed time that the power armoured chaps got some attention too, lest they accuse me of bias from their unpainted, dull chinese food container prison cells...as long term unpainted miniatures are known to do.
Brother Captain "Raguel Valerio"
The Sergeant here is a rather special mini for me, as he was my freebie from my very first WD, #166.
He was painted by my brother using enamels back in 93, I have given him a new coat of paint and lease on life, his banner is of that vintage too.
I'm currently working on his replacement ( the same mini ) but this guy holds sentimental value.
Here's the before shot, I thought this was an amazing paintjob back then!
The second half of the 1st Tactical.
While hardly the most inspiring miniatures, they have a nostalgic value for me.
Reinforcements for the Space Crusade squad. Shitty picture, sorry!
This one was just painted out of whimsy, mainly because the Space Crusade box pictured the Blood Angel Commander armed with the heavy bolter and I've always dug it.
In game, the BA guy is much better off with the power glove and sword.
A work in progress.


  1. I can see the cover of WH40k 2nd ed when I look at your models ! I've always like that Space Crusade commander no matter how awkward he may look, he is and will always be the first marine I painted and I remmeber painting him a pair of converse all stars because it's what I wore at the time (and still do).
    I want a group shot, I want ta battle against the orks !

    1. If that's the case then I'm doing it right.
      I have an emotional attachment/moral obligation to paint all these plastics, even though I have a ton of metals that are going to (hopefully) be much more impressive- minis like the commander, Heroquest heroes and Gargoyle etc were total bad ass minis to me as a kid and I dreamt of having them painted well.
      I don't suppose you have pics of the All Star commander?

  2. Looking great dude. Love the Space Crusade dudes, pure nostalgia. The old school basing really sets them off.

    1. So hardcore the dreadnought is even based on a square 40 mm base !

    2. Thanks very much Ross, my basing was straight camo or elysian green for a while there and it's thanks to gentle nudging from the guys at the Oldhammer forum I finally saw the light and put a little bit more effort into it.
      All I do now is drybrush some sunburst yellow over the sand and give a green wash- I dragged my heels but it looks so much better.