Monday, 16 March 2015

Another quick one: Elf hero for questing

After painting the Dwarf Champion the other day I've been in the mood to paint some more fantasy stuff, and this Elf seemed a good candidate.

It's another mini I picked up in a trade, I'm not too familiar with the WHFB Elf range but it says 97 on the tab and I'll go out on a limb and say he was sculpted by Jes Goodwin.
He was an evening's work.
Like his mates in the first picture, he's supposed to be a levelled up version of the garden variety Heroquest dude, sp Heroquest Vulgaris.

While out in the garden taking photos of the gang I couldn't help but snap a couple of pictures of my commanding officers, who rarely let me out of their sight.
They're watching me as I type this...

Bryan, AKA Bartle Snufflepupugus.

Joy, AKA Jibbles McWoo ( with trusty flowerpot )


  1. Nice work.

    The Wood Elf is a Scout model, part of a range that had a design lead of Gary Morely heading up a bunch of young recruits, no Jes Goodwin work there I'm afraid my friend.

    1. Oh right, cheers for that!
      I had a geez through the SOL website and couldn't find him.
      The one time I say I know something, lol.

  2. Nice job on that one! Those colours work pretty well on the model, I think you got it right!

    PS: Love the dogs! They're so cute! :)

  3. Great job man! Love the dogs too, they look mischievous and I respect that ;)

  4. Very nice work on that elf, mate! :)

    Love the dogs too, particularly Jibbles McWoo. My last family dog from when I was a kid was a border collie kelpie cross, looked much like your two but with short hair... :)