Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Blood Axe Spam!

The iron is hot, there has been striking.

The Warboss!
His power sword was pilfered from one of the Space Crusade Orks with the combi weapon.

Here are the final members of my first Blood Axe mob, including a couple of the hallowed Ork Raiders.

The assembled mob


  1. If this was spam I'd welcome it any day! :)

  2. Dude you're really starting to make me consider doing some more orks in that exact vein. There's not a thing I don't like (well I spotted a mould line...) but really, this is ust what I want to see in front of me in a game. I'd really like like to see vehicles to get long with those or even a dread... just sayin'...

    1. Those damn mould lines, I see them (now) too-everything about those plastic arms is a pain.
      I think you should go ahead an do it.
      This project has really changed my mind on the rank and file, one piece RT Orks- I wish I had gotten more of them now.
      You will be pleased to know I have a Wartrak, Bike and Scorcha to support these gitz, and I'm considering stripping or at least repainting the Egg Dreadnought that is in my Goff army.
      I've also got a Tiger Panzerkampfwagon VI kit that I think will suit these guys perfectly!

  3. I'm considering doing a 100 per cent RT force and orks is top of the list inspired by these splendidly painted minis you keep posting up. Keep it coming :)

    1. Ooh, go for it.
      The Blood Axe list in Ere We Go allows you to take Ogryn, Imperial Guard, Human Adventurers and Advisors as well as looted Imperial Vehicles...pretty enticing I reckon.