Friday, 29 May 2015

More Blood Axe shenanigans

I have 28 boys which I will divide into two mobs, and I'm going to try and stick to batch painting a handful of troops and a personality to keep things rolling.
These guys are part of the previous squad/mob, and I chose the Mekboy as the accompanying character.
One Ork per mob may take a special or heavy weapon, and while I toyed with the idea of a flamer I wanted these guys to have a heavy.
The pieces I had to choose from were a heavy bolter, heavy stubber or the ridiculously destructive yet relatively short ranged multimelta...that wasn't too hard a decision!
Though the stubber did look the best, the in-game usefulness of the multimelta sealed the deal.

The two plastics really turned out well and were an absolute piece of piss to paint, they fit in very well with the metals I think.
This army has a heavier smattering of early Rogue Trader minis in it than my other Ork clans, and my next update will have a couple of the one piece metals in it.

Until then!


  1. Wonderful stuff. A great looking ork group and I love those old-skool sculpts. That's quite a horde you're painting up.

  2. Hehe, they look perfect. Nice mob you are mustering!

  3. I dig this Blood Axe business. Something seems to be missing though...