Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Epic Battle Report/Blog Plug

Right kids, stop snogging and listen up- my esteemed comrade Captain Crooks has done a fantastic job on writing up a battle report of a game he had (commanding Space Dwarfs and Imperial allies)against the insidious Archaeopteryx and his fiendish (and beautifully painted) Genestealer Cult.

Do yourself a favour, and check it out on Crooksie's blog
Covenant Of Terror

As for me, my painting output has taken a real blow due to work, but in the next week or so I should have some more Blood Axe Orks ready to show off.



  1. It seems I haven't checked your blog for ages, sorry!

    Loving the Blood Axes and looking forward to seeing more soon ;)


  2. Hey dude. Sure do miss your pictures of your beautifully painted orks but I'm glad to hear you are gainfully employed :)