Wednesday, 30 December 2015

First post in months and the last one for the year

It's been four slack months since I've posted anything!
Work, work and more work.
Thankfully the springtime boom is over, and I'm enjoying some time off-which I've spent getting stuck into the painting!

So, here's my next batch of Blood Axes

While I haven't been doing any painting, I've been doing plenty of ebaying, and I've gotten lots of nice shiny things for my Orks.
I'll never scrounge for arms again either!

I've also started collecting Dark Horse TMNT minis.
Here are the first ones completed- Casey Jones, The Fugitoid and a Triceraton.
They all came from the one blister pack.
I'm still undecided as to how I will finally base them.

Finally, here's a WIP of an old Citadel Giant I'm going to add to my Night Goblin horde.

Well, thanks for looking/reading- wishing everybody all the best in the New Year!


  1. Cool end to this year with loads of different models ! I really like the TMNT models and am eager to see more. Have a wonderful new year my friend !

  2. I love that old giant! And the hodge-podge of colours you have chose for his clothing are perfect, it will be interesting to see how you develop those as you add shading etc. Also, I love the radioactive glow of your ork skin - very old school - and from a time when orks were fun!

  3. Oh man I would die for some of those TMNT figures, they go for a small fortune, good for you though tracking them down.
    I applause you for taking blood axes so many bad mouth them so say they're just not orky enough, these same people max Putin energy weapons and dreads cause you know that's REALLY orky.
    Hope you can get more posts regularly in the new year.

  4. Cool to have you back! Happy new year!!

  5. Great work (I love the Blood Axes, of course). I'm in the same boat as you, so here's to a better 2016!!:)