Friday, 27 June 2014

Beauty and The Beast

Dungeons are the traditional home of not only creepy crawlies and monsters, but beautiful women, right?
It definitely seemed that way to me, the Temple Of Set and Thulsa Doom's Palace came off as pretty convincing dungeons and they were both heavily populated by foxy ladies.
I'll admit basing my assumptions on instances from 80's fantasy movies may seem a little naïve but I've come too far already and I'm not turning back now.

This is a Hasslefree Miniature, and she is quite small compared to your average Citadel mini.
Painting the eyes was an extremely torturous process, but I finally got there.

Now, onto the Beast part.
And just as no Dungeon is complete without a nubile damsel, no fantasy adventure is truly complete without a nasty big dragon.
I'm not even going to prattle on about dragons, they just are and we all have to deal with it.
Ronnie James Dio sang about dragons a fair bit, and he even had to deal with them invading his album covers.
 This Dragon Masters Dragon was painted by my brother
 Despite being an old sculpt, this actual model is only new- I bought it from the GW collector's range when it was announced that metal minis and specialist games were going the way of the...dodo
 My brother is a good painter, I got him this to try and entice him into finishing painting one or some of his armies and having a game with me

It didn't really work, but this Dragon looks lovely.

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