Wednesday, 25 June 2014

We Can Be Heroes: Barbarian Ladies

Now you might be thinking that my apparent fixation with scantily clad, oiled up muscle men with big swords is a bit strange (or not), but this said fixation also applies to Barbarians of the fairer sex.

Every Conan needs a Valeria (or Belit) or vice versa, so here we go...

 Big Moma Sky, Citadel 85
Foundry Valkyrie
 This one is from Mannequin Miniatures, "Sasha The Sword"
 Big Moma Wonger (AKA Helena The Swift) Citadel 85
 Another Foundry Miniature
This Marauder Wood Elf is my representation of Zula, Grace Jones' character in Conan The Destroyer.


  1. Huuuum Ladies ! Now I'd wnat to see our caramel Cleric thrown in the middle of those beauties !

    I would have a hard time picking a favourite amongst those but Zula and big moma are lovely. That fishing barbarian lady has of course all my favours ;)

  2. That would make for a rather amusing scenario, I'm going to have to get a Bari the White mini for my own collection one of these days :)

  3. That is an inspired use of a wood elf.