Wednesday, 25 June 2014

We Can Be Heroes: Dwarfs and Girly Elves

Or is that Dwarves and Girly Elves?

Either way, but we all know that when a Barbarian ventures into a Dungeon he is traditionally accompanied by one of each (and a Wizard, but that's for later)...
 The Heroquest Dwarf, basically the White Dwarf at 90 if I'm not mistaken
 A humble Plastic
 Marauder Dwarf...he needs some work on his face
 Imperial Dwarf
 Female Dwarf
 The Heroquest Elf
3rd Edition Talisman Elf (is it a female?)


  1. Oh, here are the dwarves, never mind... ;) Love your work, as always!

  2. Just found this place thanks to Mr Asslessman - and glad I did. Lovely painting, I never realised the female dwarf had such a snarl on her face.