Tuesday, 7 October 2014

BOYLdrick the Oldhammer Miniature

Being both in Australia and ( more disappointingly ) in a relatively poor financial state means that attending the Mecca of Oldhammer that is BOYL or Oldhammer day at the Wargames Foundry in person is something that isn't going to happen any time soon, as much as it pains me to admit.

But there are no tears in the beer, the excellent blog coverage by those in attendance was almost like being there...almost.

Anyway, not gracing the event also meant I wouldn't have the chance to get my grubby mits on the wonderful Kev Adams Gobbo the folks at Foundry gave to those in attendance...or so I thought!

On our Sydney Oldhammer Forum meet up on the weekend, Captain Crooks produced a Space Marine Chaplain that Asslessman/JB had sent ( along with the Killdozer the Captain had lent him for the Wacky Race ) to him to pass on to me- this I knew about.

What I was totally not expecting was the Oldhammer mini that was there with it!
So here is my rendition of BOYLdrick:
While I wanted to do my own thing with him as much as possible, I've already seen a few painted examples and the use of the red and yellow Foundry Colours ( by whoever that was, all apologies as I can't remember! ) was too good a scheme not to make use of somewhere on him.

Many thanks to the Ansells for their kindness in not only giving away the miniature to attendees but supplying extras to distribute to a few geographically challenged tragics like myself and many thanks to JB for deeming me worthy- may the road rise to meet you!


  1. To give Caesar what's his, Colin from the leadpile, Chris/antipixi, Paul/Cheetor/Shoebox and Sean/ottovonbismark are just as responsible for this as I am because they all thought about asking spares from the geographically challenged.

    I'm really glad it makes you happy and to see you already painted the little bugger (you got th emodel oin Saturday so that's quite a quick job !).

    I've just realised you've painted him as one of your dungeon adventurers while I was expecting you to paint him to go with your night goblins ! he's a wonderful little model and your version is really nice !

    1. Ah, well I doff my hat to all of the fine gentlemen you mentioned there then.

      I had intentions of making him a Night Goblin, but I thought painting him black was a bit of a waste in the end. The little square base wasn't really sufficient either...

  2. Great stuff - lovin' the mischievous little bugger!