Monday, 13 October 2014

Random Post of Stuff

My workstation is currently littered with WIPs in various stages of completion: 4 Deathskull Orks ( the last of them!) awaiting painted arms and armaments, a handful of Escher gangers, a basecoated Chaos Warrior and Goff Rockers that have been languishing for 6 months, plus a Blood Angel Devastator Squad, Terminator Squad and a Predator.
Then there's a Stone Troll and some Night Goblins too...agghhr.

In that boom or bust fashion, I recently belted out a heap of Space Marines in a short amount of time and now can't seem to finish anything...well, almost anything.
When stuck, I pick a nice Fantasy miniature out of my little collection for dungeon crawling/no real use at all and recharge the batteries.I had only just received this Ral Partha in a trade from Just John on the Oldhammer forum and she seemed like a good candidate.
I had no idea who she was what she was or what she is supposed to look like until after painting her- I believe it's Alustriel Silverhand from Dungeons and Dragons: Forgotten Realms.

Those of you familiar with the Oldhammer forum may know of the fantastical D&D adventure a few of us have going there- my character is a good natured, unlucky in love, bumbling pants wetter who has mummy issues as well as being rather brave and foolhardy- his name is Rambulge Dungaree Pastorious and he is a fighter/mage with a toad familiar called Lemmy Wurzel.

Fellow adventurer Asslessman ( AKA The Paladin Sir Seu Antheus) recently painted up a fantastic representation of both Rambulge and Lemmy, as seen here.
Sneakily/awesomely Assless sent this miniature to forum member Captain Crooks, DM/fellow Aussie/adventurer "Bufo The Black Hood" to give to me when we met up for a game.

But tragedy struck the erstwhile Devout Cleric in transit, and his paint job was chipped and damaged when he with advice from Asslessman administered via Skype, CC put in a late night to do a repair job on poor Rambulge, adding his own touch:
A red raw nose, because if Rambulge isn't soiling himself the poor bastard is crying.
I was blissfully unaware of all this until CC presented the mini ( and BOYLdrick) to me, well played guys and again a massive thank you!

Finally, this guy was in my top ten miniatures and I've slowly been chipping away at him for yonks now, and he's just about finished


  1. Ah... I know what the wall (of half-painted miniatures) is like, happens to me every so often. I tend to simply pack all the models in front of me away, then find that one or two will quickly call me back to them and I'll finish them off. Eventually they'll build up again though :-) Love how the Space Marines Captain has turned out, and your Top Ten idea is inspired - might have to borrow that if you don't mind. Glad I've found your blog :-)

    1. Welcome, thanks very much and that's sound advice.
      Please do borrow the top ten list, as that's exactly what I did!

    2. "Please do borrow the top ten list, as that's exactly what I did!" - LOL :-) I'll put a link to yours when I post it up. Thanks for following my blog btw. Welcome aboard.

  2. Looks like a very nice post for a random one, you begin with a very fine lady, Rambulge and one of the best blood angels ever. That's all I need really !

    1. Cheers man, the hardest bit about "blogging" is coming up with titles for the posts!

  3. I feel your pain brother! I also do what Blaxkleric does and pack them away while I'm not working on them, as it's a little less depressing to look at... Out of sight, out of mind and all that.

    The Blood Angels captain looks great too. I love seeing that guy; he was one of the first models I ever owned and still holds a special place in my heart (no idea where he got to mind you...).

  4. Delicious stuff, I must say :) I'm afraid I also share your syndrome to some extent, so I always have dozens of half painted minis spreading all over my workbench :D