Thursday, 18 September 2014

A few Night Gobbos

I was very much a latecomer to WHFB- I only bought in with the 7th edition starter set "Battle For Skull Pass"...but I've long admired the little green dudes with a penchant for fly agaric mushrooms.
I have a large (3000pts) army of the little buggers and their squig and Troll accomplices that is only partly painted, but seeing as I'm stuck in the middle of painting Space Marines with not much to show I thought I'd do a stop gap post with a couple of Night Gobs.

I just finished this guy, what a total dude of a miniature.
Unusually for me, my NG army is mostly modern minis.
"Boss Drokslit" here ( and the next guy, came 2 to a blister ) was my first purchase after the boxed game and the first one to get painted, and he has led the gits to inglorious defeat in what few, largely unpainted games of WHFB I have played.
He's had a few touch ups along the way.

"Boss Scabbrow"
He's a bad ass.
I was proud as punch when I got these two guys painted, the skulls on the rack gave me a real hard time back then, not having painted for years.
Like Drokslit, he's had a few touch ups along the way.
Shaman "Gakskat" - another modern NG.
I usually turn my nose up at the new fangled minis but Night Gobbos are an exception.
Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks and his pet Squig, Gobbla.
I really like the modern Skarsnik, but really dislike the modern Gobbla.


  1. Excellent ! God to see some more modern models from you too. Skarsnik and Gobbla are great and I particularly like the weathered metal on th estaff and blade for Skarsnik. I have to say I agree about th enew models.Wihle the new Skarsnik is not bad at all, I definitely prefer the Blanchesque look of the old Gobbla.

    Shall we expect a battle between your NGs and the Captain's elves?

    1. Thanks man, I have a real soft spot for those two bosses and the shaman.
      I have a Boss on Great Squig that's been 7/10's completed that I should get around to finishing, another modern fave of mine.

      From memory, the weathered metal is Devlan mud.

  2. Oh, the gobboes will definitely meet my elves... any time, anywhere, any edition (except 6th and 7th, they are the gap in my collection of rulebooks ;) ).

    1. You've got the drop on me on this one, I need to paint about a hundred gobbos and a dozen trolls *starts weeping*

  3. I would highly recommend Guy Haley's "Skarsnik" novel, if you haven't read it already.

    1. Cheers, I haven't read it actually.
      I was reading a lot of BL books a few years back but dropped off, I always wanted one/some to "come from the greenskin perspective- a Skarsnik novel sounds right up the proverbial alley.

  4. Great paint jobs there Bruno. Love the bright greens on them. I agree - Orcs and Gobbos are the only modern fantasy army that has tempted me other than Undead I possess.

  5. Excellent work as ever. The old night goblins are such fun models, and Gobbla is particularly awesome. I love the newer goblin boss with the axe though. He looks mean!