Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dreadnought and Techmarine

It's been a long and drawn out process, but I've finally finished painting my first Space Marine Dreadnought ( first I've painted, that is) - I picked him up for a pittance on ebay, complete except for the banner pole.
The banner pole is made from a length of the black Space Crusade sprue, and I bought the winged skull from a bitz seller- I'm not sure which modern plastic kit it comes from but it's close enough to the original ( minus the crossed bones)
I used the BA Dreadnought transfer sheet and a printed banner, though I changed the 2 to a 3 on it and repainted the red border and black background.

With the Dreadnought completed, it seemed fitting to paint up this Techmarine in MK 4 Maximus armour too.


  1. I would never have got clos eto painting this one just becaus eof the yellow parts. I don't know how you manage to make it look as good as in the pot but I can't. Th erepainted banner looks good, it really pops out more than before. The admech is really cool, th emodel is one of my favourites and it sure looks a hell lot better than the 4 extra-armed titan of today ...
    I would have thrown a blue wash or something ni the weapon blade just to make it look like it's powered or full of energy but on the other hand it would fit with the red era vibe you seem to be aiming at.

    With all those models now, I think it's highly time for a group shot, you know we want one !

  2. I've always dreaded yellow (and white) too, trust me- what I did here was mix the iyanden darksun foundation paint ( now averland sunset) in with golden yellow and of course water, SO much easier.
    I don't think I bothered here but that cassandora yellow wash over the top does wonders too.

    Good suggestion on the power axe, this guy is actually a bit of a rush job as he is needed on the table in a couple of days- Captain Crooks, littleleadperson, myself and possibly wolfen 76 are going to have a game this weekend.
    I have a couple of the Jes Goodwin servitors to accompany him at some point.

    As for the group shot, I think I'll do one once I finish the Devestator Squad (soon)

    As for the group shot, I need

    1. oh yes, the JG servitors... gosh I'm salivating all over the keyboard again !

      re. yellow, I also start from Iyanden but I don't manage to achieve that bright bad moon yellow in the end. The wash is pretty good I have to say. I have a bunch of orks coming with yellows and you'll see they're a bit flat.(maybe glazes?)

  3. I'm still using old pots of both golden and bad moon yellow, the bad moon being in particularly gluggy condition and only ever used to highlight Goblinoid skin or the sand on my bases.
    I can't wait to use them both up, because I have faith the modern equivalents will be so much better- GW/Citadel cop a lot of shit but that Evil Sunz Scarlet kicks Blood Red's ass into next week- I kinda figure the yellows can only be better too.

    I have Lamenter Yellow and Bloodletter in the glazes, haven't gotten around to using either of them!

  4. Great work as always dude, loving that red!