Monday, 22 September 2014

Talisman Gypsy and some familiar characters

Though painted more than a few months ago, I've struggled to get a decent pic of this mini until now-the skin always seemed to show up a lot browner than it really is.
The Talisman range is chock full of excellent miniatures, I have the Merchant, Gladiator and Crusader on the "to paint" list.
When I get burnt out on painting "armies", I like to treat myself to a nice characterful fantasy miniature like this.

Heroquest Barbarian as He Man.
It's not exactly an original idea, but it is a good one and had to be done!
I have a shelved Battle Cat WIP that I must get around to finishing too.
My man, Skeletor- taking a rest from his video blog of evil.
Skeletor's Video Log Of Evil

"You hate me how much?"


  1. The Talisman gipsy is a superb sculpt and your PJ is just up to it, you really captured her provocative look which is a big part if her charm. Clearly a model I'd love to paint myself.

    I completely agree with painting break models just to stop focusing on big units and armies. They really help keeping th etseam up. HE-man on the side almost looks like Schwarzy on (even more) steroids.

    Oh adnd I'm always admirative of Skeletor's perfectly fit body. that guy is basically a skullfaced evil bastard but he still takes the time to do strecth ups and working out to keep a perfect body. He should defitely be a fitness teacher or gym coach.

  2. Any Heroquest Chaos Sorcerer that isnt painted like Skeletor is a Chaos Sorcerer wasted as far as I am concerned :)

    1. Either that or as the horned king in "The black Cauldron" second best skull-faced baddie...

  3. Haha I love the Skeletor sorcerer!