Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Cuirassier, The Judges and some Orks

This Cuirassier was a freebie (!) that came with an order from the Wargames Foundry.
My collection is very light on in the "Knights in armour" department actually, and this guy makes a perfect representation of "Sir Ragnar", a guy the Heroes are supposed to rescue in one of the HQ quests.

Judges Dredd and Anderson.
As much as I want to start collecting 2000AD I've limited myself to just four far.
I picked up Judges Death and Fire in one buy, I was only really after Death but now I've got half of the Dark Judges I have a nasty feeling the other two will be hunted down sometime in the future.
A Fatty and Dredd on Lawmaster are on the wish list's a slippery slope!

Goff Ork Weirdboy and Minderz.
Goff Boss and Nobz in Power Armour.
I'm in the process of redoing the bases for my Goff warband to look like these (previously straight camo green with goblin edges) and they will feature heavily in the next few posts.


  1. Lots to like here, but the power armoured orks particularly appeal. I have most of those models, but Im still after a couple. I hope to get working on them this year, but I may need a break from orks soon.

    As you are redoing the bases on the orks, are you tempted to do something similar to what you did with the squat basing?

  2. It's hard not to like the power armoured guys.
    I've managed to burn myself out on Orks at the moment myself, I stalled out on a second mob of Deathskulls which are on the work bench in various stages of completion.

    I really wanted these guys to stick as close to the "red edition" look as possible so I stuck with green, but I highlighted the sand with bad moon yellow then put a green wash over the top which is a vast improvement over the straight camo green, I think.