Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Space Orks: The Goffs, Part Two

The plastic Goffs from the first mob
So many mono-pose monstrosities!
Runtherd with little buddies.
He leads a mob of 40 Gretchin, but I've broken them up to photograph them.
WHFB Goblin in front masquerading as a Grot
Some metals, just to break up the monotony
And still they come...
...and come...
more metals
Mekaniak with blowtorch
 Rogue Trader era "Egg" Dreadnought
The 2nd edition version.
The Dreads provide some much needed long range firepower for the predominately close combat orientated army.
The second lot of plastic boys.
 The infamous Battlewagon
 bases stacked in there so Ghazgkhull and Makari can be seen
I'm eternally grateful to Oldhammer superstar Captain Crooks for letting me get my grubby hands on this holy grail of classic Orkdom.

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