Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Space Dwarfs Part Two

The rest of what I have painted, Squat wise.
I still have three or four more squads to do at a later date.
Three "Attack" Squads, each led by a Hearthguard Champion ( Iron Claw in front row)
Two "Warrior" Squads, also led by Iron Claws.
Squat "enthusiasts" may notice that the plasma gun armed fellow in the pic above is a weapon swap/conversion, which is about as far as I go.
Two "Thunderer" Squads, led by "Captain Kyrk" and "Sgt Bylcow" respectively.


  1. I just love the smile on th efirst squat with conversion beamer... These are great model and you've done them justice. It is colourful like in the old illustrations and it still has a strong coherence.
    Superb army as far as I'm concerned.