Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Deathskull Orks: Part One

I'd originally intended to just assemble a Goff Ork army, but as I mentioned things kind of snowballed and I went for all the other clans too.
Having finished painting the Goffs, I decided the Deathskulls would be next for a couple of reasons:
a) I don't have so many of them
b) they're not black ( not that there's anything wrong with black)
c) they have lots of eavy weaponry- the Goffs could use some long range firepower to back them up.

So here's what I've done so far...
 The Boss is one of many favourites...OK I love em all.
 Painboy and assistants- painted as closely as I could get to the depiction in the 2nd ed codex
 Weirdboy with Space Crusade Minders. I went crazy and did bolta swaps on them!
Another mob lead by the uncatalogued Loota Nob.
I still have to do two more mobs of four and nobs to lead them.
 Mekboy with Shokk Attack Gun- a bit of weight to this one!
Snotling bases...I have another 8 to go I think

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