Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Space Dwarfs Part One

Squats, if you will.
I think we all know what the "Imperium" did to these guys so I won't really go into it, but alongside the change in aesthetics for Space Orks their removal from the official setting of Warhammer 40,000 was a major "it's not the same anymore" factor for me.
I should point out I only had a hand me down incomplete heavy weapon trike when all this went down but I did have pipe dreams of collecting an army of them.

Fast forward a decade and pipe dreams were emerging as pipe realities, as due to that notorious online auction site I had embarked on a great Squat collecting crusade.
Medic, Standard Bearer, Warlord, Musician, Ancestor Lord and an Ad Mech Squat at the back.
A big thank you to Cheetor for supplying me with the Synth wielding dude!
The Iron Claw "Gol Orta" or Captain leads the Brotherhood.
Exo Armoured Squat I had plans to use as a Warlord.
I'm not all that keen on the Exo minis so he's more just for show really.
A squad of Adventurers, with a Squat Pirate as their champion.
My army is composed using the alternate list for Squats published in the Inquisitor Magazine for use in 2nd edition 40K, which as you may know is basically a slightly tweaked version of how they appeared in Rogue Trader.
These guys are an infiltrating Recon squad in game, hence the different uniforms.
The good old Thudd Gun.
Sly use of the Blood Bowl ref here :)
Rapier Laser Destroyer.
Mole Mortar.
My three heavy weapons trikes.


  1. Its cool to see Doug the synth guy rocking out eighties Top of the Pops style. It was tough letting the little guy go, but its better to see him painted and doing his thing. I must get one of those standard bearers.

    The ref made me laugh :)

  2. I love thi sarmy, it's dangerously tempting...

    Oh and thanks to Cheetor for letting "keyboard squat" go for new horizons, he definitely got a nice treatment.

  3. Thanks a bunch guys.
    I actually prefer the other standard bearer sculpt to the one I have, but a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, right?
    "Doug" the synth player is a star, thanks again.
    As always, the small force I planned ballooned out to over 3 times the size when I'd finished...dangerous indeed.